We appreciate your visit to BlackjackClassroom and hope you have had a rewarding and fruitful learning experience with us. We have, like all other professionally run websites, in place a privacy policy to let you know we take Internet security seriously and inform you of the steps we have taken to protect your privacy when you are with us.

As a visitor to BlackjackClassroom your personal information deserves special care from our side to prevent any violations; our privacy policy is designed to safeguard your information in every way possible. Any information you may provide us, even something as basic as the ISP address you are accessing us from, is covered by our processes and steps. On this page we list out for you our privacy policy and run you through what any information you provide us is used for.

Cookie Usage

We use cookies on our website to ensure our site works properly and your visit here is pleasant and hassle-free; not only that the use of cookies is also designed to ensure all your visits to us are free of trouble. We use cookies to keep track of any basic information you provide us solely for this purpose.

Logging of your Activities

Each time you visit BlackjackClassroom every interaction, including something as basic as a click on a link, results in activity in the form of entry logging in the log files of our server. The entries generated are myriad, from your IP address, through details about your computer or browser, to information related to the date and time of your visit. We do not mandatorily require you to provide more private and personal information; what we log is generally basic information to track the number of users and other related information.

Use of Google Analytics

We are a professional website and believe in the use of Google Analytics to track user data and learn about the level of engagement between the user and us. As users of Google Analytics, we use cookies, as mentioned earlier, to track and collate user information. As an independent user you have the right to accept or reject cookies that would otherwise be placed on your computer. You can do this by realigning your browser settings. Please read up on the usefulness of cookies and the impact disabling them may have on your system.

Once a cookie is placed on your computer the information it generates for us is directed to Google where the data is used in compiling reports on how our website is being accessed and other related information. We use this analytics data to better our services based on user experience. To learn about the terms that Google has in place when it comes to user data gathered for analytics through Google Analytics click here.

E-mail Newsletter Subscription

We have a newsletter that you may choose to subscribe to for information and updates we offer from time to time. You have the option of declining to refuse further editions of our newsletter at any point in time. To stop receiving our newsletter any further click the link provided at the bottom of the newsletter; this automatically removes your e-mail id from our mailing list.

Should you choose to receive our newsletter you can be assured that your e-mail id will not be shared with any other third parties. Our privacy policy requires us to refrain from sharing any e-mail lists with other parties. You can be assured that any information or updates you receive as a result of subscribing to our newsletter would be solely from BlackjackClassroom.

When you opt to receive our newsletter and agree to let us add your e-mail id to our mailing list you will receive an official confirmation in the form of an e-mail to the e-mail id you have provided. This mail contains all the basic information including your e-mail id, the time you agreed to receive our newsletter and also the IP address of your computer. This information is provided even when you opt to discontinue receipt of our newsletter.

Relationships with our Advertisers

We may tie-up with advertisers and thereby display their advertisements on BlackjackClassroom. The images on our site could be either from a third party or directly from an advertising partner. Advertisers whose images are on our site could see some of the Internet log data for clicks or requests for information about the images displayed. We provide only basic information in the form of log file data that is anonymous to our advertisers; no personally identifiable data of any visitor to our site is provided. However, this could be influenced by the browser settings of the user’s computer, including settings for cookies, data on software versions, and also data on user agents.

Relationships with our Affiliates

We have advertising relationships with different parties, including our affiliate partners. An affiliate partnership is designed such that publishers of the affiliate’s advertising or other information for visitors to view receive a commission for any business resulting from the advertisements or other information on their website. Should you opt to engage in business with an affiliate showcasing their ads on BlackjackClassroom you will be subject to the privacy policy of the affiliate for the said business engagement; that privacy policy is separate from ours and will control the way the affiliate chooses to use your information.

In some cases, the affiliate’s privacy policy may have a provision for a business to share short summaries of their transactions and other engagements with their advertising partners. Most of the times the information shared could be generic and not personally identifiable information; however, we strongly advise you to carefully go through the privacy policy of the advertiser you are looking to get into a business engagement with for clarity on what you are getting into. You will find their privacy policy on their individual website, not ours.