Las Vegas Blackjack Table Minimums

* Updated on 5/24/2012 to give you current table conditions… gets a lot of questions about where on the Las Vegas Strip you can find blackjack games with good odds and low table minimums. While low minimums might not be a concern for a serious player looking for the best card counting opportunities, I can understand a casual player (non-counter) on a budget valuing this kind of info. So I’ve compiled a short list of Las Vegas blackjack table minimums on the Strip that have decent odds. Vegas casinos tend to offer low table minimums only with terrible player odds, so my goal is to expose where a casual blackjack player can get a decent game with a low house edge.

Las Vegas BlackjackWarning: Often what seems like a cheap game is actually going to cost you quite a bit. A great example is the 6-deck blackjack at Flamingo. Don’t be fooled by the “cheap” $5 minimums. All 6-deck blackjack on the main floor of Flamingo holds a 2% house edge due to the horrible rules, and that’s assuming you play perfect basic strategy on every hand. So would you rather play $5 per hand at a 2% disadvantage or $25 per hand at a .2% disadvantage? Over time you would lose twice as much money at the $5 game!

Low Blackjack Table Minimums on the Las Vegas Strip

Keep in mind I’m only considering casinos on the Strip for this article. Downtown and off the Strip will hopefully be covered another day.

Single Deck – All single deck games on the Strip pay 6:5 on blackjack (a $50 bet gets paid $60 on blackjack instead of the usual $75). Avoid these games due to the large house edge. The closest legitimate single deck blackjack would be at Hooters located just behind Tropicana. Although Hooters single deck blackjack will have just a $10 minimum, the house edge is nearly .5% since you can only double on 10 and 11. For all the card counters out there, this game is not a good opportunity because of the weak dealer penetration.

Double Deck (Dealer hits on Soft 17 / Player may double after splitting)

  • Circus Circus – $10 table minimum
  • Excalibur – $10 table minimum
  • All other $5 and $10 double deck on the Strip will have worse rules such as no doubling after splitting.

Double Deck (Dealer stands on Soft 17 / Player may double after splitting)

  • Aria – $25 table minimum
  • Bellagio – sometimes on a weekday one table will drop to a $25 minimum
  • MGM Grand – sometimes on a weekday one table will drop to a $25 minimum
  • Mirage – $50 table minimum
  • New York, New York (high limit) – $50 table minimum
  • Treasure Island (high limit) – $50 table minimum
  • Tropicana (high limit) – $50 table minimum

6-Deck (Dealer stands on Soft 17, Double after split, Resplit Aces, Surrender)

  • MGM Grand – $10 table minimum
  • Aria – $25 table minimum
  • Bellagio – $25 table minimum
  • Tropicana (high limit) – $25 table minimum
  • Wynn – $25 table minimum
  • All $5 multi-deck games on the Strip will hit on Soft 17.

Las Vegas Blackjack Table Minimums
So what’s the best value blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip? If you play good basic strategy and bet the table minimum, then out of the places I’ve mentioned you’ll lose the least amount of money over the long haul by playing the $10 minimum 6-deck at MGM Grand. In fact, you would have an expected loss of under $3 per 100 hands played. This low expected loss is due to the combination of low $10 bets and good rules.

Looking for more options? If you’re willing to bump your expected loss per 100 hands up to the $3-$5 range, then you can play at the other places listed that are $25 and under. Playing $25 per hand can actually start to build some decent comp value over time. The $50 minimums would put you closer to a $10 expected loss per 100 hands played, but would also further increase your comp value. To be able to hang out at great places like Aria, Bellagio and Wynn, have free drinks, build some comp credit and have a good time, would you be willing to pay under $5 per 100 hands played? Sounds like a good deal for those that don’t want to take their game to a higher level with card counting. Just make sure you know your basic strategy!

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20 Comments on “Las Vegas Blackjack Table Minimums”

  1. K says:

    Can you tell me what the best low limit game downtown would be? Thanks in advance!

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Hi K. If you go downtown you can find a few tables of legitimate 3:2 single deck blackjack with a $5 table minimum at El Cortez. The house edge on that game is about as small as you’ll find anywhere in Vegas. Good luck!

  2. Nancy says:

    Do you know anything about the Southpoint in Las Vegas Blackjack limits/odds? I’m going there in a couple weeks. Thanks.

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Hey Nancy. I haven’t been to South Point in a while, but last time I was there it was mostly double deck with $5 table minimums. There were also a handful of 6-deck games with a $5 minimum as well. All blackjack at South Point hits on Soft 17. Double deck is the better game there, so stick with that. Good luck!

  3. Margot says:

    Hi. What do you think about online blackjack. I’ve read over your blog posts and did not see anything about playing online. Can you even play blackjack for money online now?


    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Hi Margot… I focus on beating the casinos through skilled play at blackjack. It’s not possible to gain an advantage over the house in online blackjack, so it’s not a topic I plan to cover much. I suggest you stay away from online gambling. Take care.

  4. Dr21 says:

    Off Strip Vegas Discovery: $5 Minimum PLUS Lowest House Edge!

    Cheap Vegas BJ tables have been a bait and switch sham since the corporations took over to be sure. But if you’re still looking for a $5 minimum, double deck, BJ pays 3:2, unlimited doubling/splitting, and standardized penetration into half of the bottom deck, I’ll bet you 6:5 you haven’t seen that in a while!

    How about all that in a destination grade hotel/casino with well appointed, reasonably priced rooms, easy close covered parking, great restaurants, friendly pit bosses, chatty dealers, and generous comps? No, your not dreaming of the “good old days”, the Palace Station is your new off strip, Las Vegas Black Jack “Honey Hole”.

    At Sahara Bl. and the I-15, I just spent a 4 day vacation there in a tower, mini suite with a great view covered by electric drapes, huge flat screen, and a fun BJ game I could “count on” every time. Almost forgot, the $600 profit after expenses made my stay a bit more fun too!

    Needless to say, I’ll be back soon.

    Happy Trails,

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Hi DR21… I’ll have to respectfully disagree with the “friendly pit bosses” and “chatty dealers” comment. However, Palace Station does have a pretty great game for card counting due to the 75% or so penetration. I’ve never seen the double deck tables drop below a $10 minimum though. I can’t really say I specifically search for cheap games, so maybe I’ve just overlooked it.

      Glad to hear you made $600 and had a great time. If you ever have a car out in Vegas and don’t mind a bit of a drive off the strip, you might want to check out Green Valley Ranch and Aliante Station. Similar games to Palace Station, same players card, $5 double deck and a much nicer environment (in my opinion).

  5. Rams says:

    What do you think about The Stratosphere, Red Rock, Rampart, Suncoat, And Silverton ? Do they have $5 tables?


    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Rams: With the exception of Stratosphere, all of these casinos are a bit of a drive from the strip. They all hit on Soft 17 on all of their blackjack games. For a basic strategy player you would get the best odds on the double deck games and you can get a $5 minimum at any of these places other than Stratosphere. I believe Stratosphere sticks to a $25 minimum.

  6. Paolo says:

    Heading to vegas in july for four days. Going to be on a budget gaming, staying at mgm. I know about fremont st being cheap gaming, out of mgm, trop, excalibur, ny ny would you recommend? Oh yeah, is harrahs as bad to most people as it has to me?

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Hi Paolo. Fremont may have cheap games, but the odds aren’t very good. And yes, it’s true that Harrah’s in Vegas is terrible.

      I suggest you try to find a $10 minimum 6-deck game at MGM that stands on Soft 17. That’s easily your best option out of the casinos you’ve mentioned.

      Good luck out there!

  7. Paolo says:

    Thanks chap, how about mandalay bay or luxor? And why 6 deck?

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Paolo: You cannot get a “Stand on Soft 17” game for $10 or even $25 at Mandalay Bay or Luxor. That’s what makes MGM 6-deck stand out… the combination of good rules (S17, DAS, RSA, LS) and a low table minimum.

  8. BB says:

    What happens if the casino suspects you are counting cards? Can they take your winnings? I know they can ask you to leave. But can they take your winnings?

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      BB: They cannot take your winnings. Card counting is just using your brain more than the typical gambler. It’s not cheating and it’s not illegal, so they cannot take your money.

  9. Billy says:

    Ok- just got back from another Vegas vacay
    Rodeo was on last weekend – no $10 game @ MGM
    The $5 table at Excalibur was raised to $10 on Thurs/Fri/Sat very early…like before 7pm!!!!
    When I went to MGM min table was $15
    I think the most annoying thing about Vegas nowadays is not knowing where you should stay
    I like to stay close to where I wanna play…ya know?

    Anyways my last day there I went to Fremont and Sam Boyd’s has $3 BJ 24 hrs/day
    and the old Fitzgeralds (now “the D”) seems to have at least a few $5 tables

    I think if anybody is planning on going to Vegas and wants to know for sure that they can get in on some low limit gambling you should stay downtown!

    Only problem with downtown–/ only one 4* hotel
    The rest are all 2’s & 3’s…….

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Billy: I can understand your frustration. Just like with their hotel room pricing, Vegas casinos will always adjust table minimums depending on how busy things are. You’re sure to get higher minimums on busy weekend nights than you would get when things aren’t so busy. Mid-day on weekdays you can sometimes get on a Bellagio double deck game with just a $25 minimum. Then on Saturday night that same table will be at least a $100 minimum, if not a $300 or $500 minimum.

  10. Counter says:

    Hello BI, I am looking for 6D, S17, DA2, DAS, RSA, LA (US style) $10 – $10,000 in vegas that has less than 0.14% house edge. I already beat all the casinos in my province. Now its time to move on.
    So what u suggest for me.
    And I heard that Card Counting is allowed in Atlantic city. Is that right ?

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Counter… There are no 6-deck games anywhere that have less than a 0.14% house edge versus a basic strategy player. You would need to find a double deck with S17, DA2, DAS, RSA. Try down south for those rules… Biloxi, Lake Charles, etc.

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