Best Blackjack in Vegas 2012

Things change often in Las Vegas. New restaurants and night clubs open and close seemingly every weekend. You know the saying “out with the old and in with the new”. What tends to go unnoticed is how often table game odds improve and decline. As a professional blackjack player I’m disappointed when a quality blackjack game is changed or removed. One the other hand, I’m excited when a casino improves their blackjack odds, essentially giving me a pay raise. Last year I loved M Resort, as they had a high limit double deck game with the dealer standing on soft 17 and players could re-split aces. Unfortunately things have changed at M Resort with new ownership, so now all their double deck hits on soft 17.

So who wins the trophy for the best blackjack odds in Vegas this year?

Best Blackjack Odds in Vegas

Best Blackjack 2012At the time of this writing, Tropicana’s high limit double deck offers the best blackjack odds in Las Vegas for 2012. Like M Resort last year, they’re dealing a rare combination of the dealer standing on soft 17 while allowing players to re-split aces. There are other casinos in Vegas with double deck that stands on soft 17, but none allow re-splitting aces on the same game. This combination puts the house edge well below one-fifth of a percent.

This game is dealt on the high limit table closest to the entrance of the new high limit room. I’ve seen this table deal a 6-deck game sometimes as well. From my experience, if the table is empty and they’re currently offering 6-deck, they will switch to double deck if you request it. The table minimum is usually $50 and there is rarely more than one other player at the table.

Note: I’m only considering a basic strategy player’s odds here. I’m not taking into account table conditions that are important for card counting such as dealer penetration.

Honorable Mention for 2012

A double deck game that stands on soft 17 but doesn’t allow re-splitting aces is still an excellent game. It would have roughly half the house edge that a hit on soft 17 game would have. So where can you find some of these double deck opportunities? Try Aria, Bellagio, NY NY high limit, Monte Carlo high limit, Treasure Island high limit, MGM, Mirage, Mandalay Bay high limit, Luxor high limit… am I missing anything? If you know of any other “stand on soft 17” double deck games in Vegas and would like to share, please do so in the comments below. Thanks!

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10 Comments on “Best Blackjack in Vegas 2012”

  1. Jerry W. says:

    I completely agee. I was there 9-13 July and the Trop high limit room was always vacant except for me. Great rules and slow play..the best place to play in LV.


  2. Lamont says:

    No longer. H17 in Trop HL. Maybe they did not appreciate the target drawn on their back. I fail to see how advertising which casinos are lining your pocket in constructive in any way.

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      Lamont: Yes, the double deck at Trop is now H17. If I were to re-write this article I would crown M Resort’s high limit as the Best Blackjack in Vegas for 2012. They are back to S17 with re-splitting aces.

      As far as giving away the best casinos, you may have noticed I’m only referring to table rules in this article. There are many other factors that a card counter would consider when selecting a profitable game. Hint: The most profitable opportunities aren’t mentioned on my website at all. I save that info for the people that attend my class.

      • Jerry W says:

        Sorry to hear the Trop went to H17. Does M Resort deal a 2 deck game?

        • Blackjack Instructor says:

          M Resort does deal a very good double deck game. Right now the high limit room gets my vote for the best blackjack in Vegas for 2013. They’re currently standing on Soft 17 and allowing re-splitting aces in high limit.

  3. JC says:

    Played a $25 double deck. Dealer stand on soft 17. DAS allowed. At Mirage. Probably not new info to anyone but thought I’d share.

    • JR says:

      Hi…what day of the week were you there? I was there on a Friday-Sat trip, and the DD S17 was always $25. The 6D S17 was $25 though….let me know. thanks.

  4. JR says:

    Hi. Is the M Resort still offering the DD S17 Re-split A’s as of now (June 2013)?

    • Blackjack Instructor says:

      JR: M Resort is still offering that game in the high limit room. However, the dealer penetration isn’t nearly as good as it was last year.

  5. JR says:

    Thanks for the info BJI. BTW, I recently went to vegas, and Mirage does offer S17 DD at $25 min, but on a weekday during daytime. Otherwise it’s $50.

    I will be there again in a week. Looking fwd to it. I also plan on checking out the M Resort high limit DD. Thanks again!

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